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Squire for Hire is live

Squire for Hire is a 1-2 player micro-game, in which you collect and carry the loot gained by the hero you serve. Some of the loot is just junk, however, so you have to choose which items are worth keeping.

There are dungeon story cards that you need to fulfill to earn the rewards. If you do, you pick one of the available loot cards to add to your bag. The bag is not Sport Billy size, so it doesn't fit everything. You have to cover up items and place the cards in such a way as to score victory points at the end. They may be hard to resist, but try not to collect skulls, as they deduct from your score.

The game is also free to download at PnP Arcade. You can find the link on the campaign page, and the Kickstarter will run for 24 days.

Image source: Kickstarter page

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