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Space trippy

Odyseja is a 1-6 player pick-up and deliver game set in an imaginary (some might say hallucinatory) planetary system. If you happen to be in Essen these days, you may grab a copy from the stall of Lupo Art Games. If not, it is available through their online shop (they haven't yet announced other distribution plans).

In the solo game, your goal is to gather 5 mind samples before the 'devouring monster' devours you. In order to do that, you move along a grid of planets trying to collect the samples. At the end of each turn, a die is rotated to show the next value pips. When you reach six, the die is reset, and the monster makes its appearance. When the monster moves, it devours the planet it leaves behind, thus making it inaccessible to the player, unless you can play a 'dirty trick'. The more samples you collect, the less turns it will take for the die to reset. If the monster devours a planet with a sample, you lose. If you land on the same planet as the monster, the monster devours you.

Image source: BGG

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