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Warp's Edge is live (Solo hero in space)

Update: Warp's Edge is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 16 days. There are two pledge options: just the base game with the Viren Invasion expansion, or the game and expansion plus neoprene mat and plastic token upgrade pack. There is also a French edition, si vous jouez en solo.

Our preview post below was published on January 3.


Warp's Edge is the new installment in the Solo Hero series by Renegade Game Studios. The game that inaugurated the series was last year's Proving Grounds, and it was a retail release. This time the company is taking things to Kickstarter on January 7.

Designed by Scott Almes, Warp's Edge is a bag builder. You will be pulling tokens from a bag on each turn, gradually acquiring more powerful ones so that you have a chance at succeeding in your mission. You begin the game by choosing one of the available spaceships: each ship comes with its own mix of tokens that go into your bag, and has a level of damage it can sustain before the shields and hull are destroyed. If any of these parts is damaged, you are not eliminated but just lose one of your tokens and start all over again.

Your goal is to defeat an enemy mothership and its minions. Once the minions are placed before you, you reach into the bag, fish out a number of tokens and try to either evade or stun each of them. Energy tokens act as currency and allow you to buy better tokens from the 'market'. Even if you build a powerful token mix, mothership elimination is still a challenge.

Mike from One Stop Co-op Shop has filmed a playthrough:

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Image source: BGG

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