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So small we almost missed it (Pentaquark is live)

Button Shy Wallet Games is running a reprint campaign on Kickstarter for some of their out-of-print games. One of these (so far) is a solitaire game: Pentaquark. More may be unlocked through stretch goals.

Pentaquark cards
Image source: Kickstarter campaign

In Pentaquark you run an experiment in the lab to find one of these subatomic particles from the title. To do so, you'll have to get different types of quarks in the right combination. Like this:

Even though the rules are easy enough, the game looks hard and brain burny like the science it's based on. Please note that expansions (Pentaquark had four of them) are not part of this campaign.

As always, it's possible to add in-stock titles to your pledge, like Sprawlopolis, Tussie Mussie and Circle the Wagons. Backers outside of the USA should be careful not to add too much, to prevent paying customs and extra taxes. As an alternative you can craft this game, some of its expansions and many other Button Shy titles with files from PNP Arcade.

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