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Silence of Tsathoggua

After playing one of the scenarios in the Dead of Night expansion to Arkham Horror third edition for a ridiculous number of times without ever winning, I'm now sour like ten squeezed lemons.

I've been trying and trying to beat The Silence of Tsathoggua first with two characters, then with three. Nothing. Impossible. So I just gave up, because I don't know what I could have done better. Perhaps if every single skill test was a hit, I would stand a chance but we are talking dice rolls here. I generally don't shy away from difficult games but I want them to be fair and this is not. I had no problem completing the missions in the base game, so I expected the expansion to be similar.

There are two scenarios in Dead of Night: one is mafia-themed which didn't interest me that much, so I chose the other one with the Elder God. The gameplay is dead simple and consists of 4 steps: the investigators perform two actions, then the monsters act. The investigators resolve an event or an encounter, then you draw two tokens from a cup for each investigator. These tokens are usually disastrous. Doom spreads, gates open, monsters appear, bad things happen to everyone. Investigators have to run around the map to ward off doom, gain clues, and then place them on the scenario sheet to progress the story.

I have not regretted purchasing it, Arkham Horror 3 is an enjoyable game, even though it runs long. The expansion doesn't bring anything new in terms of mechanisms, it is just more content. I have no problem with that, and was happy to see more encounter cards (in my opinion, the flavour text in the base game is better). Given the difficulty, however, I hesitate to recommend it. Perhaps the second scenario is less challenging but I'm not going to try it any time soon. Now to find the game that will relieve my disappointment...

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