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'Short and sweet' campaign for the reprint of Deep Space D-6

In his latest update to backers of Deep Space D-6: Armada, Tony Go announced his plans to launch a 'short and sweet' Kickstarter campaign sometime next week. It will be for the reprint of the solitaire game Deep Space D-6 and the Endless expansion.

(Update December 13: Kickstarter didn't allow Tony to launch his campaign because he didn't have new content. He is working on a solution).

Image source: BGG

Both base game and expansion will be sold as one unit, you won't be able to order them separately. The new edition of DSD6 will have a new cover image due to copyright reasons but everything else, rules and components, will stay the same. The expansion will not include the Ouroboros replacement cards, as they are no longer necessary. Backers of Armada should not back the DSD6 campaign but instead add it in the pledge manager of Armada.

Deep Space D-6 comes with 4 different spaceships. You will be rolling a number of custom dice that represent your crew members, and assigning them to the matching sectors of the ship. Each sector gives you a special power, allowing you to modify dice faces, do repairs, or return damaged units from the infirmary. On every round, you will be drawing threat cards from the main deck: this will give you external or internal threats that you have to deal with. If your ship's shields are destroyed and the hull takes maximum damage, you lose the game. If you manage to go through the whole threat deck successfully, you win.

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