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Sewer quest

The Rat’s Lair is the first in a series of mini solitaire games published by Zadorf, currently available to order from the company’s website.

Image source: BGG

In this game, you must venture into the sewers to retrieve as many artifacts as you can (there are five of them in total). You start on the sewer entrance and move forward step by step, revealing new tiles of the sewer maze each time you reach a tile edge.

Be careful, however, as ravenous rats are infesting the sewers. If you enter a tile with rats, for each step you take, the rat pack will also move one step towards you. If the pack catches up on you, it will devour you mercilessly (and you lose the game). If, however, you were lucky enough to find Poison, you can use it to kill the pack. You can also escape the rat-infested tile, as the pack won’t follow you outside its territory.

Image source: BGG

You may also stumble upon pitch-black corridors. You’ll need a torch to go through them, but a torch can only last you for three steps: past this, you’ll be lost in the darkness, a sure feast for the lurking sewer rats.

Once you are content with the number of artifacts you retrieved, you can trace back your path towards the sewer entrance, but if rats block your path, you may need to find another way.

The game comes with 49 sewer tiles, and both the rats and the character standees must be cut out from the provided cardboard components cards. The rulebook is not included but is available online.

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1 Comment

Cadet Stimpy
Cadet Stimpy
Mar 01, 2021

Sewers and rats. I'm already intesested! 🙂

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