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Sanctorvm: The Board Game is live

Sanctorvm: The Board Game is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 31 days. This is a 1-6 player cooperative game that supports two play modes: one requires a GM, the other doesn't. If you back the project, you get an exclusive vinyl disc of the retro-wave soundtrack of the game. The campaign also offers a number of add-ons: an expansion, books, metal dice, t-shirts and jewellery for the full Sanctorvm experience.

The premise is sci-fi horror, and takes place in the far future. You play as superheroes inside a secluded colony that has been infected by a virus. The virus gives birth to monsters, and you have to cooperate with the other members of the team to exterminate these and other villains. Gameplay is based on rolling action dice and using each hero's special powers.

The creators warn that the game contains strong language, gore violence and references to sex, drugs and gambling. Sadly, the solo gamer is deprived of these pleasures: they are only reserved for the Adventure mode (the one that requires an Overlord). In the GM-less Mission mode, the missions are nice, clean and innocent.

Image source: BGG

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