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Sad days for Word Forge Games

In his latest update for Kickstarter backers of D-Day Dice (Second edition), head of Word Forge Games, Mark Rapson, spoke about the hardships the company has been going through ever since the appearance of Covid-19. He also talked about the future of WFG, or rather its lack thereof.

Image source: BGG

Word Forge Games is the publisher of D-Day Dice (second edition), Pocket Landship, and Astroforce, among others. They also fulfilled Airborne in Your Pocket from their own money to victims of the first KS campaign by another company. After a very long period of delay and internal problems, with Mark's business partner abandoning the project, D-Day Dice has largely fulfilled. The French, German and Spanish language versions are currently being produced, but NUTS! Publishing has decided not to put out Airborne in your Pocket and the Inside The Bunker expansion in French. Mark promises to take care of the matter himself.

Image source: Word Forge Games Facebook page

Lockdown deprived WFG of income from gaming shows, while international shipping costs have risen. Retail orders were cancelled, US packages were not sent by Games Quest on time (that is, before the virus), and, to cut a long story short, the company is in a very bad place at the moment. After Astroforce is fulfilled, WFG may shut down. We keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't. Not just because some of their games are among my personal favourites, but it's sad to lose small publishers that work from their hearts.


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