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Rulers and commanders

March is Women's History Month in some parts of the world, and just like last year, a celebratory deck of cards is available on Kickstarter. Warrior Women Playing Cards: volume II features the pirates Ching Shih, Mary Reed, Sayyida al Hurra and Rachel Wall as Kings. On the other court cards you'll find, for example, the Vietnamese Trưng sisters, the Apache Lozen, the Greek Bouboulina and Amina of Zazzau - and if you never heard of those names, taking a dive in Wikipedia will be good fun.

At least - to me that's fun. I also like the theme, so I backed it. And I think the deck looks very nice even if you aren't interested in history.

The first Warrior Women deck is available as an add-on. In it you'll find diverse characters such as Joan of Arc, Tomoe Gozen, Æthelflæd and Tomyris.

(All images taken from the Warrior Women KS campaigns)

The campaign for Warrior Women Playing Cards: volume II will run until April 14.

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