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Playing card deck haul

It's been quite some time since we last featured playing card decks on the website, so I decided to show a few I recently bought/received. Three are Kickstarters, one is a retail purchase. I already have enough in my collection but, as with most things, you can never have enough.

Let's start with The Cursed and The Crooked by Marianne Larsen. The pictures speak for themselves. You need a deck with monsters to play dungeon crawl games or Regicide with? This one is perfect. The style reminds me of Brian Froud which is probably what the artist was aiming for.

Staying with the dark theme and hellish creatures, this is the Inferno deck by Balthasar Epprecht. It is inspired by Dante, and his descent in Hell. The top part of the figures on the court cards is different than the bottom. All the cards have gold foil but they're not too shiny. They may actually be a bit too dark, I can't see them very clearly if the room isn't well-lit. Still, a very nice set.

The next one is entirely different. It is a deck dedicated to the culture of the Hmong People of China and South East Asia, and features traditional costumes and patterns. I admit I don't know anything about the Hmong customs, so the veiled Jacks look particularly strange to me. I have it more as a curious collectible.

And the last deck I got is a simple poker deck, just because I spent 3 days in Stockholm and wanted a souvenir. It has 'Swedish figures' which is all I wanted. They sell this at the airport.

And that is all - for now. I'm not backing decks too often but if something stands out to me, I always consider it. I can't help it, I really love cards!

I'm listing the websites where you can find these in case you want to browse and add to your own collection.

The Cursed and The Crooked playing cards: on Isolated Thunderstorm

Inferno playing cards: This was a Kickstarter campaign, I don't know if the designer still sells the deck, you may try to contact him.

Hmong People playing cards: art by Gaoshua

Spelkort Svenska figurer:

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Wouter Cordewiner
Wouter Cordewiner

The Cursed and The Crooked looks gorgeous, tx for sharing!


The illustrations are very nice, very detailed.

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