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Return to the half-built Haunted House (The Ghosts Betwixt is live)

The Ghosts Betwixt is back on Kickstarter after a recent false start. It is part one of a set now. They've thrown out over 90 cards, 20 monster standees and condensed the mission guide and rule book, but it doesn't look like very much gameplay was cut out. It is a lot cheaper however, unless you opt for the new Deluxe Kickstarter Exclusive edition.

The Ghosts Betwixt (box cover)
Image source: BGG game page

In the game campaign you explore a light-hearted horror mystery through 10 missions. Four family members go looking for their missing son and brother, who was last seen at the Worlds of Terror Haunted House. The characters have customizable stats, talents and weapon proficiencies.

The Kickstarter campaign will run for a month. If it is successful this time, part two is sure to follow.

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