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V-Commandos is live (Return of the Commandos)

Update: The campaign for V-Commandos reprint and expansions has launched on Kickstarter and it will run for 18 days. You may pledge just for the Ghost expansion, or get it for free if you also order the core game and the miniatures. There is also the option of ordering Ghost and minis as a bundle, and two newcomers all-in options: gameplay all-in (without the minis) and deluxe all-in.

Our preview box below was published on March 25.


Cooperative tactical strategy and stealth game V-Commandos returns to Kickstarter on March 29 with a reprint and new expansions campaign. Besides the base game and its existing expansions, backers will get the chance to order two miniatures packs - one for the base game and one for its expansions (Secret Weapons and Résistance)- and the Ghost expansion that comes with 3 new playing modes.

Image source: Triton Noir Facebook

In V-Commandos, you are taking control of a squad of Resistance fighters trying to infiltrate German headquarters and fulfill objectives during WW2. You will first select your heroes, each of them with a special ability, and then spend their action points to have them move into locations, place bombs or complete a mission, all the while trying to remain hidden from patrolling German soldiers. Stealth is key in this game: if your hero is noticed by the enemy, the alarm goes off and more soldiers storm the scene, making your chance of success much slimmer.

Image source: Triton Noir Facebook

The upcoming Ghost expansion introduces three new ways of playing the game: XP, campaign, and Lone Wolf. The XP mode allows you to upgrade your heroes over the course of multiple operations, the campaign mode lets you string missions together, and the Lone Wolf gives you the option of playing pure solo with only one hero. The miniatures packs will also include extra location tiles.

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Well, I have no use for the minis, but I am a content completist and this is one of my favourite games, so…

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28 mar 2021
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I currently have 'mini-fatigue' and will gladly just use the chips instead.

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