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Pre-order your dress for the Grand Ball

Rococo is a style associated with ornamental excess, frivolous themes, and the combination of white, gold and pastels found in 18th century European palace interiors. It also happens to be a well-loved eurogame about making dresses for the French high society during the reign of Louis XV.

The original publisher, Eggertspiele, did not intend to reprint it, so it was passed on to Eagle-Gryphon Games who smelled a great opportunity for deluxification. And indeed, the game lends itself well to premium treatment: custom resin thread and lace tokens, gold-foil stamped wooden player markers, velveteen cloth bags, metal coins. All the previously released expansions and promos will be included, as well as a solo mode that pits you against Madame du Barry (the king's mistress).

Gameplay revolves around hiring employees, buying silk and making dresses, then renting or selling the dresses or funding palace decorations for the Grand Ball. Rent enough dresses, sponsor fountains, statues and fireworks, and you win by collecting the most prestige points. And if you happen to be defeated by Madame du Barry, find solace in that she will eventually be decapitated by the French Revolution.

World-wide pre-order for Rococo: Deluxe Edition opens on January 22 on the Eagle-Gryphon website.

Image source: BGG

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