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Maximum Apocalypse: Wasted Wilds is live (Post-apocalyptic Wastelands)

Update: Maximum Apocalypse: Wasted Wilds has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 24 days. You may back Wasted Wilds only, or combine it with the Time Traveler expansion and the Few and Cursed expansion. The complete gameplay bundle also includes the Legendary Edition of Maximum Apocalypse.

Our preview post below was published on May 12.


Maximum Apocalypse: Wasted Wilds is a 1-4 players standalone expansion for the cooperative hand management game Maximum Apocalypse. The expansion includes two campaigns, one set in a cold and the other in a desert post-apocalyptic wasteland. It will launch on Kickstarter on May 18.

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Wasted Wilds comes with new characters, each with their own miniature (the Chef, the Driver, the Contractor, and the Thief), new monster cards, new map tiles, three storage trays, and a Clock board that determines the time of day and whether the characters gain Exposure.

The gameplay rules are essentially the same as in the base game. After you select at least two characters (you can play with just one but have to follow specific solo setup instructions), you will form the map by placing location tiles face down according to the scenario you are playing. Each scenario gives you an objective to meet in order to win. Then, on each turn, you roll two dice and spawn a monster token on each revealed tile that matches the result you rolled. If a character stands on that tile, they will have to face a monster card.

If you happen to roll a 7, you must advance the Clock four times and trigger the event of each advancement. Otherwise, you just advance it once per turn and check if a Day, Night, Exposure, or Tribes event is activated.

Each character has their own deck of cards, and they start with a hand of four. On their turn, they draw one card and can then perform four actions (Move on the map tiles, Scavenge, or Perform card actions). At the end of a character's turn, if they have monster cards in front of them, the monsters activate and attack them. Finally, the character increases their hunger by 1, and if they starve, they take damage.

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When Exposure is triggered via the Clock, if a character is on an outdoors tile, they draw an Exposure card and suffer the consequences. If they have gained Exposure before, the effects stack. Any cards that clear status effects can also clear Exposure. If a scenario includes Tribes, the Tribes act like monsters if they become angry, or can become allies or do trade with if they are friendly.

In the Kickstarter campaign, four add-ons will also be available: 1) the Time Traveler expansion with two time traveling characters, 2) an art book that features the game illustrations of Gustav Rangmar, 3) the Few and Cursed expansion that comes with the Redhead character from the Few and Cursed game, and 4) the Allies of the Rapture expansion that includes all the KS exclusives from previous Kickstarter campaigns.

You may check the Kickstarter preview.

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