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Pax Renaissance Deluxe

The second, deluxe edition of Phil Eklund's 2-4 player game, Pax Renaissance, is launching on Kickstarter on April 7 along with Pax Viking and an expansion to High Frontier 4 All. The game will come in a bigger box and will feature: a folding board instead of map cards, new artwork, upgraded tokens and coins. It will include all previously released expansion and promo material, plus 11 new cards. A few rules changes have been implemented, and the solo mode developed by Jose Cunha is now included in the rulebook.

Image source: BGG

In Pax Renaissance you play as a banker, and you role is similar to a puppet master's: you will finance and manipulate kings, bishops, trade and wars. On each turn, you can perform two out of eight available actions: purchase a market card, play a card from your hand, perform western or eastern operations, embark on a voyage or cause the game to end if you fulfill a victory condition.

Victory can be achieved in five different ways (Holy victory -the most religious prestige-, Imperial victory -the most empires-, Patron victory -the most patron prestige-, Globalization victory -the most discovery prestige and concessions-, or Renaissance victory -the most law prestige and republics-) depending on the activated victory card.

In the solo mode, you play as the banker Fugger against any one of the other bankers. On its turn, the AI opponent will perform two actions according to a table. Its actions (which cards it buys from the market or commercial operations) will depend on the objective it is trying to achieve. The AI wins if it meets a victory condition before you do.

Image source: BGG

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