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Ora et Labora reprint

Uwe Rosenberg's Ora et Labora has been reprinted and will be available once again this month in German, English and Korean.

It's a long, brain burner type of game. As head of a monastery in either Ireland or France, you will work the land and construct buildings to get a working economy and lots of victory points. The availability of resources and buildings is managed smoothly by a wheel.

This game is from a time when solitaire play was advertised on the box as a way to get familiar with the rules. And as the set up is static, you may be better off with one of the later Rosenberg games as your first. And your second and third. There is much to like about the build up of the game though, so it's nice to have it available again.

The reprint will have thicker player boards that can be ordered separately from the Lookout shop later this month for owners of an older edition.

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