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One Deck Galaxy is live

One Deck Galaxy is a 1-2 player dice placement game in which you try to expand your galactic federation while confronting an adversary. It is the follow-up to One Deck Dungeon, sharing some mechanics but playing differently. The campaign has launched on Kickstarter and will run for 29 days. You can either pledge for the normal version, or for a deluxe copy with plastic cards and tokens.

Image source: Kickstarter campaign

At the start of the game you pick a Homeworld (out of four) that has a unique combination of energy, materials, diplomacy and technology. You combine this with a Society Type (also out of four), that will set different milestones to achieve so your federation can expand. A higher federation level will give you more options during gameplay and is necessary for winning. Finally, you choose one of the (yes, four) Adversaries, each with their own rules and behaviour.

Every round starts with the Adversary and any encounters still in play gaining influence (you tuck a card under them from the deck). Then you add new encounters from the deck until there are... four of them in a row. You now roll your energy, materials and diplomacy dice - if necessary mitigating the results by spending your technology disks. There are several ways to use these dice. You can place them on a row on an encounter card. Once you've completed all rows, you can claim this card as a technology or a colony. You can also complete a confrontation row on the Adversary card, to work towards defeating it. Some confrontations will give you tokens to spend later in the game when you are close to losing to the Adversary. Any dice you cannot use this round, can be placed in your Starbase for other benefits.

Image source: Kickstarter campaign

After claiming a colony, you tuck it under the left side of your Homeworld. This will give you more dice to roll, or technology disks to spend, in later rounds. You tuck a claimed technology under the bottom of Homeworld, this will give you a new way to spend your technology disks.

When the deck is empty, you reshuffle and keep going, but as the Adversary will claim cards every round, you will run out of cards eventually. Also, the longer the session takes, the stronger your Adversary grows, until it threatens to overwhelm you. Goal of the game is to beat the Adversary before any of these things happen.

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