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Niimura Station is live

Niimura Station is a solitaire game about running a small train station in Japan for one day. The designer is running this Kickstarter campaign in order to screen-print 100 copies. It will end in 29 days.

The goal of the game is to either load all train cards with travelers or make sure you have some money left when the last train card leaves the station.

Image source: BGG

After you set up the trains that are ready to depart and your first three travelers, you add the Hunger, Thirst, and Comfort cubes in a cup. Another cup will contain the black, Disgruntled cubes. If you ever have to add a 9th Disgruntled cube to the comfy and pleased cubes cup, you lose the game.

On your turn, you will be drawing travelers and filling up their cards with cubes. When there is no space left to put a cube, you add a black cube to the mix. You will also be able to perform actions that let you manipulate the cubes or your income. Eventually, you pick the travelers who can board the trains depending on the destination, and receive the equivalent ticket value. You may also use facilities like benches, vending machines, and background music, to make the travelers even more comfortable.

The designer (who used to work with Victory Point Games) has filmed a playthrough:

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