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Nighttime air raid action

Legion Wargames has made the solitaire game Target For Tonight: Britain's Strategic Air Campaign Over Europe, 1942-1945 available for pre-order on their website. If you place an order now, the game will ship in late March (you get it at a discounted price compared to the retail price).

Image source: BGG

In Target For Tonight, you play as a pilot of a British aircraft during WWII. You fly over Europe at night, trying to hit targets occupied by the Nazis. In the years 1942-'45, the Germans had developed an advanced night air defense system, so your mission won't be easy.

You will choose to fly one of RAF's bomber airplanes and go through twelve campaigns, each of them featuring a set of missions. This is a follow-up game to Target For Today, itself based on the simulation system of B-17 Queen of the Skies. This means that you will be rolling dice and consulting tables to check the outcome of your actions.

Image source: Legion Wargames website

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