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Mythic Mischief is live

In Mythic Mischief, a game for 1 to 4 players, you play as a faction of students making mischief in the school’s library – except the Tomekeeper watches over the place and will try to catch anyone involved in the racket! Playing solo, you face a faction of students called the Enchanted that will also try to steal tomes – so you must attract the attention of the Tomekeeper on them, while staying hidden yourself. The campaign is live on Gamefound and will run for 24 days.

Image source: Gamefound campaign

You start the game by picking a faction, that comes with specific actions and abilities, and three miniatures that you will place on the library road. The three students of the enemy faction (that you must pick as well) are placed on squares specified by a set-up card. The Tomekeeper starts in the middle of the board.

The game goes as follows: you play, the Tomekeeper moves, the enemy plays, then the Tomekeeper moves again, then a Detention card activates. The Tomekeeper has movement points and uses them to reach three successive locations. When he reaches the third, the first phase of the game ends, and the second and final one begins. In the second phase, your faction gets additional abilities, and the game plays otherwise the same. The game ends when the Tomekeeper reaches the third and last destination of the second phase, or if the Automaton or yourself achieve victory before this. To achieve victory, you need to collect 10 victory points. You collect points whenever a student from the enemy faction is caught in the path of the Tomekeeper when you are the active player. The enemy faction collects points when they steal enchanted tomes that pop up on the map, or when you get caught by the Tomekeeper while they are active. If any player (you or the enemy) is caught while they are active themselves, they lose a point instead of the other team winning a point.

Image source: game page on BGG

During your turn, you can use Action Points to perform one of the four actions: moving your pawns, moving additional pawns according to your faction’s specifics, moving shelves, that act as walls (the details of this action also depend on your faction), or distract: the Tomekeeper moves towards the closest of your students, possibly saving another from getting caught, or catching an enemy student in the process. How many time you can perform your actions depend on your action tracks. Each action has a track that you fill with dice, two for “move”, one for all other actions. Dice initially occupy the rightmost position on the track and show the face corresponding to their position; the further they are, the higher the number. Then, each time you take the corresponding action, you must decrease by 1 the number showing until none is available. To improve your capabilities, you can gather “tomes” that will permanently offset the die on an action track by one to the left. You also get two “boosts” that you must set at the end of your turn for your next turn, moving the boosted die one space to the left to increase the number showing. Note that dice are never rolled, they only track how many actions you have left for each type.

Image source: Gamefound campaign

During the enemy turn, they will try to catch the Enchanted tomes that have popped up to fulfill their victory condition. If not, they will try to reach your students and push them towards the Tomekeeper. Once all three enemy students have moved by an allocated 3 movement points, and the Tomekeeper has moved, the enemy turn ends and a Detention card activates. They can pop up new enchanted tomes, having you got spotted by the Tomekeeper, paralyze one of your students for the next card, etc. They work by showing a picture of the grid board of the library, some of the squares of the grid being filled with various symbols, corresponding to that many effects. Note that there are always 3 detention cards on display, but you don’t know which one will activate, so you have an idea of what may happen to you.

Whenever you get 10 points, you win. Whenever the enemy faction gets 10 points, the AI wins. Remember you can only win points during your own turn so a tie can never happen. Finally, if the game ends because the Tomekeeper has ended their journey, the team with the most points wins the game, the AI winning ties.

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