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More backstabbing in the Roman Empire

Donning the Purple will get a reprint plus expansion this month through Kickstarter. The expansion will add a fourth player option to the game, so for us solo gamers - who still will always take the emperor's role - it will be even more lonely at the top. Fortunately there will also be a new game phase that we can enjoy, where the Senate votes over important issues (my guess: they probably want to have us killed).

There are rumours of including one new event card that is beneficial to the emperor. I really, really hope this card is not just for multiplayer games. As Donning the Purple is brutally hard for solo.

It takes place in the Year of the Five Emperors, when half of Rome tried to succeed a recently killed emperor. So while barbarians are crossing the borders from all sides, famine strikes everywhere, and senate is busy with their political intrigue, you desperately try to ehm get victory points. It's a balancing act against the odds.

The campaign for Donning the Purple: Votes & Virtue will go live on 10 September. It may have a large neoprene mat as an add-on for those who enjoy some luxury and will most certainly have a Print and Play pledge again for if you like things frugal.

Box art for Votes & Virtue
Image source: game page on BGG
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