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Endangered: New Species is live (More animals to save)

Update: Endangered: New Species went live during our vacation, and the campaign will run for 13 more days. Some stretch goals have already been unlocked (6 Ambassadors, Specialty cards for the roles, and the California Condor scenario) but there's still room for the Devil's Hole Pupfish and maybe you'll find out how the Jaguar got its spots.

You can pledge for just the expansion or include the base game. The Giant Panda scenario and some promo Ambassadors can be added in the pledge manager.

Our preview post below was published on August 6.


Endangered: New Species is an expansion to the 1-5 player cooperative game Endangered. It will launch on Kickstarter on August 11. The base game will be available as well.

Image source: BGG

In the Endangered base game, you first choose the character you are going to play (zoologist, TV presenter, philanthropist etc.), and the animal you are going to save. On each turn, you will be rolling your action dice and assigning them to different cards to activate their actions. Then, pairs of animals may have an offspring, depending on the result you roll on the offspring die.

In the Destruction phase, you pick either a row or a column with an animal, roll the destruction die and place a deforestation tile in the spot you rolled. If it coincides with an animal, the animal is eliminated. Next, you draw a card from the animal Impact deck and execute its instructions. When the voting year comes, you will need to have collected enough ambassador votes to win.

Image source: BGG

This new expansion adds seven more endangered species and six scenarios. If you sign up to notified about the Kickstarter launch on the Grand Gamers Guild website, you get a free PnP.

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