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Moonflight is live

Moonflight, a 1-4 player deck building and un-building game is live on Kicksarter, and the campaign will run for 29 days.

As already mentioned in our preview post, what sets the game apart from others in the deck building genre is that, as soon as the market runs out of cards, players turn their hand upside down to activate trashing abilities. In the end, only the cards remaining in their hand are scored. The four playable characters are called Jacks, and are asymmetric. Each of them represents a different playstyle, for example Jack o' Clay and Bones allows for a more risky approach whereas Jack o' Cot and Hovel is more strategic.

There are two solo modes in the game: a beat-your-own score one, and one against an AI (each of the Jacks).

Part of the game is available as a free PnP to download from Moonflight's BGG page.

Image source: BGG

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