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Master Sweets is live

Master Sweets is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 11 days. The game comes with a variety of competitive and cooperative modes, and can also be played solo against a dummy player called George 'the Cake'.

More specifically, this is a 1-5 player hand management and set collection game. You first arrange the recipe cards in a grid. Each card depicts an ingredient. On your turn, you may pick up a card from the 'market', draw a card from the draw pile, or exchange a card from your hand with one from the grid. If you gather all the ingredients from one of the grid rows, you complete that recipe and earn the designated points. The game also includes a set of characters each with his/her own special abilities that you can play as (Vegan, Chemist, Sprint runner, Glutton etc.).

In the 'Lonely in the kitchen' variant, George discards the rightmost card from the market, and then draws a card from the draw pile. Then he takes one card from the grid that shows the same ingredient as the card he drew (or one of equal point value). When there are no cards left in the grid, the player compares their score with that of George to see who really deserves the 'Cake' title.

Image source: BGG

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