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Manchurian resistance (Manchukuo is live)

Manchukuo (also known as Manchuria) was a Chinese puppet state under the control of Japan from 1932 to 1945. This is the historical background to Manchukuo, a 1-4 player competitive board game by Penguin and Panda (the company behind Onimaru). The Kickstarter campaign will run for 23 days.

You are playing as one of the old martial arts teachers in the area. The gameplay is split into a day and a night phase. During daytime, you send your students to perform various tasks: collect resources from the fields, the factory, or the market, and help families in need. At night, recruiting and training take place. You must feed your students, train them, and try to gather more of them without attracting the attention of the authorities. The winner is the elder with the greatest reputation.

Michael Mihealsick, the designer of the game, has confirmed that there will be a solo mode, but details are yet to be announced.

Image source: BGG

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