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Mail shredder #1: Money to Burn

While cleaning out the office, I noticed we get an awful lot of mail over here. And no one ever reads the stuff! So let's try out a new approach: delegation. Once a week I'll copy-paste what I find, then you do the reading for us. Deal? Cool. *


Burn baby burn

A new, more expensive, burncycle will be coming to Gamefound on 19 July. Time enough to read some first impressions of the happy few that are playing it right now, if you are curious.

I must say I like the setting of this game and the idea of programming robots. And when it was on Kickstarter the first time, it looked like it could be Chip Theory Games best soloable game yet.

Burncycle reprint announcement
Image source: Chip Theory Games Newsletter

JW says: I'd buy it, if I could afford it.


Marrying miserable men and women

"The more I see of the world, the more am I dissatisfied with it; and every day confirms my belief of the inconsistency of all human characters, and of the little dependence that can be placed on the appearance of merit or sense."

Who doesn't love them some Jane Austen. If you live in the USA, and you're in need of some cultural education, - oopsie, tautology, apologies - do check out A Universal Truth. It's been updated with a new graphic design and rules tweaks for the better. And it's available on The Game Crafter right now in a crowd sale.

(Shipping and taxes will make this effectively unattainable for Europeans. But we can dream.)

A Universal Truth - box cover
Image source: BGG

JW says: I'd buy it, if I could afford it.


Norwegian heroes

The next game by Tompet Games (publisher of the Solitaire Times' favourite Donning the Purple) is called Halls of Hegra. It's a solitaire only tower (fortress) defense game, mixing in worker placement, bag building and area control mechanisms as well. The Kickstarter campaign will launch in August, and a Print and Play version will be available beforehand.

The game is about the attacks on and siege of Hegra fortress in the early days of WW2. You'll command a group of volunteers that faces numerically superior German forces. Sounds like a good setting for a solo game, and I trust Petter Schanke Olsen to make it interesting (and way too hard).

Halls of Hegra Kickstarter announcement
Image source: Tompet Games Newsletter

JW says: I have no idea if I can afford it, so - instaback. 👍


*) Yeah, so it turned out that I'm unable to just copy-paste. My plan already failed while writing the very first sentence about burncycle. Let's see if you can do your part better. Anybody read this?

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