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Living the Paleo life

Paleo is a 2-4 player cooperative game in which your tribe is trying to survive the adversities of everyday life in the Stone Age. It can be played solo either by controlling two groups of tribespeople, or by following the rules of the solo variant. It is currently on sale in retail but you may need to ask your local store for availability.

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Each player in Paleo controls a group of people, and starts the game with two tribe members. The game also comes with different modules -separate decks of cards- that you will include in each one of your sessions to make it variable.

Rounds are divided in a Day and a Night phase. During the Day, your tribe performs most of its actions. Each player receives a personal deck of cards and a portion of the main deck, and draws 3 cards from the main deck every turn. The cards are drawn face down, and you have to choose one basing your decision just on the backs of the cards. The card backs will show e.g. a forest, a mountain, or a river, hinting at what may be on the other side but you can't be sure. Once you pick the one you want, you return the other two on top of the deck.

Image source: BGG

The chosen card is then revealed, and you resolve one of the actions shown on it by spending your personal cards. When you no longer have cards to spend from your personal deck, the Day ends. Some cards will reveal hazards which deal damage to your people. You choose which of your members will be harmed or killed.

In the Night phase, it's time for paleo diet: all members of the tribe have to eat. Each unfed person gains you a skull token. Dead people also give you skulls. If you ever collect 5 skulls, you lose the game. If, on the other hand, you manage to collect 5 victory tokens and complete the cave painting, you win.

In the solo variant, the entire main deck is at your disposal. When you reveal a card, you can decide if you want to 'call for help': spend 2 cards from your personal deck to roll 1 die, or 4 cards to roll 2 dice and add the results to the abilities you already have.

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