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Letters home from badge camp (Camp Pinetop is live)

There is something thematically weird about Camp Pinetop: you begin the game as a possum, then as you upgrade your scouts team, you become a skunk, a woodchuck, a raccoon, and finally a badger. It would make sense if the scouts were human and were symbolically called raccoons, but does it work the same if you're a possum? Well. Let's move on to the description.

As mentioned in our preview, Camp Pinetop is a 1-5 player game in which you lead a team of scouts through various locations, trying to gather badges in order to achieve the badger status. You do this by drawing cards, moving meeples on the location tiles, and taking advantage of bonuses.

In the solo mode, called 'Letters Home from Camp', you play through a story, campaign-style. There is a separate booklet that the player has to follow through. This is offered as a stretch goal to be unlocked (the game must show up in the BGG Hotness list), if the Kickstarter is successful.

The campaign will run for 23 days.

Image source: Talon Strikes Studios Facebook page

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