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Leaving the Continent

Gracing my table with its presence: The 7th Continent

My previous sentence only means exactly what is says. The game is on my table, the What Goes Up, Must Come Down expansion, to be precise. I am, however, not playing it. Just looking at the pretty cards.

Why? Well, while I was playing through the base game, I realized I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration part of the gameplay but not the rest of it. The survival part I found annoying. The riddles frustrating. Curse after curse, my enthusiasm was waning.

My patience was exhausted with The Icy Maze expansion. I refused to play it, it felt like torture. And here we are now, with me just admiring the illustrations. I think my resentment comes mostly from the fact that the game reminds me I'm not smart enough. When it says look at the pattern and pick the correct numbered card, it's like it's wearing an 'I'm with Stupid' t-shirt. And I'm standing next to it.

So, yes. On my table now, inside a package later this week. Sold off to someone who may enjoy it more - the curse will be passed on.

PS. Nothing to do with the game, but I highly recommend watching The 7th Continent film by Michael Haneke.

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