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Ladies' fight

Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons is a 2-5 player cooperative game in which your team of female heroes is trying to defend their island from three different enemies: Ares, Cheetah, and Circe. Ravensburger will release the game to retail on the 1st of March.

The island of Themyscira is the home of the Amazons. Peace is suddenly broken when Ares arrives at the gates. The enemy has a deck of cards which they draw from each turn. If there are Amazon warriors on the space where Ares lands, they are corrupted and convert to his side (too eagerly, one might think). If there are none, he places his own warriors on the spot or puts blockades on the roads.

Image source: BGG

Each heroine has her own special ability and begins with a hand of cards. If there are relics among the cards, the player may use them and place the matching tokens on a location. Action cards allow Amazons to take actions like moving, deploying warriors, removing corrupted Amazons or removing Ares' warriors and blockades. If two Amazons are on the same spot, they can combine their forces to maximize the effect of their actions.

In order to kill Ares, the Amazons don't just have to reduce his health points to zero but also give him the final blow with the sword of Hephaestus which has to be fully charged.

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