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Kingdom clash

Kinghill is a 1-2 player worker placement game in which rival kingdoms employ their forces to gain dominance over the land. It will launch on Kickstarter on October 26.

Image source: BGG

At the beginning of the game, you set up the main board by placing a number of Unit and Outskirt cards in the designated 'market' spots. The action tiles are placed face down on the board as well, and the first one is revealed. Each player takes a castle sheet and all the peasant tokens of their colour, and places two peasants in the courtyard area of their castle. Players also draw two hero cards, choose one, and receive the associated bonuses.

In each round, players take turns by performing one action each until they cannot take any more actions or decide to pass. Most actions involve placing a peasant on any of the available action spots and carrying out the action immediately. You may Train a peasant into a specialist, Mine for resources, Hire a unit by paying its cost, Kill a rival unit, or Explore cards from the Unit deck to gain extra resources. Actions are also available on the players' castle sheet: you may Attack or Defend when a fight takes place, Build a building from the Outskirt offer, or Learn a spell by drawing two cards from the spell deck and choosing one to keep. Action tiles on the board offer even more actions to the players, like gaining more peasants and resources, launching more attacks, and catapulting stones to the enemy castle.

Image source: BGG

Over the course of the game, the moonstone power track on the board will advance, and reveal effects-either positive or negative- that apply to both players. Your ultimate goal is to destroy the opponent's castle which starts with 14 points of endurance. If it is reduced to zero, the castle owner has lost. Solo rules haven't been revealed yet.

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