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Keeping up the fire: Tabletop Tycoon's plans for VPG games

Tabletop Tycoon acquired Victory Point Games in 2018, and soon after, part of the VPG team (the wargames department along with Alan Emrich, former owner of VPG) was let go. For anyone wondering what will happen to the games that VPG had published in the previous years, here is what Dan Yarrington, head of TT, wrote in his newsletter yesterday:

Their recently released titles (Darkest Night, High Treason, Nemo's War, Dawn of the Zeds) will remain in print, and expansions will come out for Nemo and the Zeds.

Selected VPG titles will be 'remastered': they will be published again with new artwork, upgraded components and possibly rules updates where needed. The games that will most likely receive this treatment are going to be:

  • Ottoman Sunset and Hapsburg Eclipse (unknown if they will be released as a bundle)

  • Cruel Necessity

  • Zulus on the Ramparts!

  • Keep Up the Fire!

  • The Alamo Remembered

  • Renegade (under a new name)

  • Twilight of the Gods

  • Cuba: The Splendid Little War

  • (Other States of Siege games, and maybe Empires in America and Hero of Weehawken)

A couple of VPG titles (Healthy Heart Hospital and Trifecta) may be moved from the VPG line to one of TT's other subdivisions 'to reach a broader audience'.

New titles will come out in the series. One of them may be Space Admirals, a game by Ole Steiness (designer of Champions of Midgard).

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2 commenti

03 feb 2020

And who can blame you... At best, they will make upgrade/compatibility packs for owners of the old Renegade in order to match the expansions. We'll see.

Mi piace

I have no association with the wargames; I only know them for Renegade. So my reward for tracking it down and buying it, thus helping make new-VPG think it's worth producing the new expansions that Ricky has designed, will be "thanks, now buy it all again". I feel strangely lacking in enthusiasm.

— RogerBW (Firedrake)

Mi piace
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