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Just need one die but then I die

As Athena resurrected her PnP Buffet to promote this roll & write, of course I had to check it out. One page to print, six dice to roll. Go.


First you roll for the stats of your adventurer, then you go have to survive some encounters, slowly running out of ways to mitigate your dice rolls. The first few times I forgot that every roll of a 1 gives you XP and that made it a little harder. Since I've got the rules internalized (they're not hard, I am slow) all games play out the same way. No matter my rolls, I make it all the way to the dragon (end boss) and then I lose by just coming short one single ability to change the roll of one die. :-) It plays quick and is good fun (if you like matching dice and yes I do), but I do wonder: has anybody won this game?

I'll certainly give it some more tries later this week until I'm Ganz schön lucky.


Later that week:

After a very fortunate first roll to set the stats (left picture), I managed to defeat the dragon!

Plenty of room to improve my score though.

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