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Judgement day

Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter - Dark Judges is an expansion to the 2-4 player game Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter that makes it possible to play solo against the Dark Judges. The expansion will be released in retail on May 28, and is currently available for pre-order from Osprey Games' website.

Image source: Osprey Games blog

In the solo mode of Judge Dredd, you can choose to pit any of the four factions of the base game (The Judges, The Strontium Dogs, Nikolai Dante, or Slaine Mac Roth) against the Dark Judges. The Dark Judges have their own AI deck, and you win either if you kill them or if you gather six 'fragments of reality' tokens. The base game comes with a double-sided map, and you can play solo on either side. Unlike the standard multiplayer game, you begin with both the characters and the Dark Judges already deployed on map locations as part of the set up.

Image source: Osprey Games blog

On your turn, you can activate your characters by playing as many cards as you like. When you attack the Dark Judges, you draw a card from their deck to see if they defend. If not, you execute your card actions and deal damage. On the Dark Judges' turn, you draw a card from their deck, and perform the actions shown for each of them. When the first card is resolved, you draw another one for them and repeat the same process. If a Dark Judge is killed, the rest of the Judges may execute his actions instead (depending on the icons shown on the cards). If all your characters are killed in the end, the Dark Judges win the game.

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