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Lands of Galzyr is live (Journeys across Galzyr)

Update: Lands of Galzyr is live on Gamefound and the campaign will run for 29 days. You can either pledge for the base game or for the deluxe edition that includes an adventure journal, custom sleeves, extra dice, a dice tray and a playmat. You can also pick just one or more of the deluxe items as an add-on to the base game.

Our preview post below was published on July 31.


Lands of Galzyr is a 1-4 players narrative-driven game in which you go on an adventure through the open-world land of Galzyr, completing quests and meeting companions along the way. The game relies on a digital storybook (accessible from a website or an app) that tells the story through a series of “scenes” and gives the player agency by asking them to make choices. The campaign will be live on Gamefound on August 2.

Image source: BGG

To start the game, you must first pick an adventurer among the four available. Each adventurer has a different name, look, a special ability that can be used only once per game, and a different set of starting skills. There are six skills in total, arranged in a circle so that any skill has two adjacent ones. The scenes often prompt you to perform a skill check in one of these six skills: you roll five dice, may re-roll all the dice once, and then count the symbols that match the skill to see if you passed the test – different circumstances require a different number of successes. You also have four skill marks that characterize your adventurer. For each mark you have, you can replace a basic die with a die matching that of the skill mark. These special dice offer bonuses in the corresponding skill, and in the two adjacent skills as well. Although you start with all four marks already set, you may shift them in the course of your adventure.

The game is played on a large board representing the land of Galzyr. It shows multiple inter-connected spots, including 8 key locations you may visit in your journey. When you set up the game, you must also draw three quest cards. These quests are tied to a specific location from which they can be picked up. However, you are limited to only 3 active quests: if you ever take a fourth one, you must abandon another one, which may trigger an effect. Throughout the game, some “global status effects” can take place, affecting all the players in their wanderings across Galzyr, as well as “local status effects” that you can take advantage of in specific spaces of the board. Your adventurer may also receive an “adventurer status” card, meet companions, and find items (cards you will keep aside your character board). Some of these cards are timed, meaning they will only last a number of rounds. To track this timing, you must find a pair of matching tokens, put one on the card and one on the overall time track.

Image source: BGG

On your turn, you may make up to two moves from a space of the game board to an adjacent one, picking up quests along the way if available. Then, you must resolve a scene on the space your adventurer is currently located. A scene is a little prompt with a number; to resolve a scene, you simply feed this number to the digital storybook and follow the instructions. You may be asked to make decisions or to perform skill checks. Scenes may be found on major locations or may be tied to a local status card, one of your adventurer statuses, one of your companions, or a quest. You may also decide to draw an event card which will direct you to a scene depending on the terrain matching the space you are currently located at. At the end of your turn, time passes and another day begins.

The game ends after 8 rounds or “days”. Your goal is to have achieved as many prestige points within this period of time. At the end of the game, you can “save” the state of the world and that of your adventurer so that your choices and achievements have a lasting impact on future games. You will save all statuses (global, local, adventurer), your companions and items, and even your quests. Then, you will be ready to send a new adventurer in the land of Galzyr.

You may check the Gamefound draft page.

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1 Comment

Cadet Stimpy
Cadet Stimpy
Jul 31, 2021

So, those cards on the map that look like the map, do they change the route, or something? The 'Adventurer Boards' look interesting.

Image Source: BGG

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