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Joan of App (Time of Legends: Destinies is live)

Lucky Duck Games has launched a storytelling, app-driven game for 1-3 players called Time of Legends: Destinies.

The game is set in the world of Time of Legends: Joan of Arc (as the company is partnering up with Mythic Games), and the basic premise is that you lead your character through a medieval fantasy setting in which you gather items, fight enemies, and ultimately 'fulfill your destiny' (via two different paths to victory). In the multiplayer mode, players compete against each other. How the solo mode works is yet unknown.

Technology is omni-present here, as you have to listen to the story and the setup guidelines, and then scan the QR code on every card to see what its effect is. The stories are not replayable, so after the game is finished, the release of more content will rely on the game's fans (the company invites people to develop their own stories).

If you are not averse to having screens on your gaming table, the Kickstarter campaign is up and will run for 22 days.

Update from the KS comments section: in the solo mode, you race against time, and have to deal with events that simulate the actions of your opponents.

Image source: BGG

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