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Invasion of the barbaric meeples (2nd edition of Barbarians: The Invasion is live)

Barbarians: The Invasion has a very impressive looking action selection volcano. And for this second edition, it's looking even better. All iconography has been improved for readability. A lot of game components got an overhaul, and it comes with a new rulebook. An upgrade pack is available.

Barbarians: The Invasion (meeples version)
Image source: Kickstarter page

There's also a whole new edition with screen-printed meeples for people that don't paint minis. Euro purists may be sorry that this replaces the "no-frills" wooden components version from the first campaign, but a game like this thrives by some thematic touches.

A new add-on, The Mystics Set, is free for owners of the first edition and an early bird incentive for everyone else. Pricing of the game has not gone up, except a little for shipping, but that's no surprise. Stretch goals include double sided playboard and layered player boards. The new campaign will only be live for 9 days,

Here's part of a playthrough of the solo version (with the old looks and rules):

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