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Home Alone 6: Looking out for number one

Now that the rest of the whole world is forced to act like the antisocial misanthropists we are, a lot of game companies suddenly take notice. More and more games get a solo mode. We already wrote about Carcassonne and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, but there's also for example one for Arcadia Quest. Like CMON says: "Developing a solo mode for Arcadia Quest is something that has been on our minds for many years" - it took a virus to finally get them off their lazy asses.

It's appreciated though. Here are some other recent initiatives and freebies to get you through the lockdown.

Find the Grail and save the world!

Ivan and Vesselin Alexiev invite you to discover a new world in their solo fantasy adventure game Satchel: A Journey Unknown. Now that the Kickstarter campaign is delayed because of the coronacrisis, they decided to release a free PnP version. Here's a playthrough.

Adventure of 2D6

Then there's 6X6 Tales: a solo fantasy adventure game in 3 small booklets, inspired by Barbarian Prince and the like. Designed by Jack Darwid, of Adventure of D-fame.

At least death will be swift

And Thistroy Games started a new scary season of A4 Quest. The first episode of A4 Quest: Inhuman is available for download.

Hey, bullfrog!

Keith Matejka's Thunderworks Games (Roll Player, Cartographers) offers their very first game Bullfrogs as a free PnP for a limited time. It includes the solitaire variant.

Wash your hands

Swiss publisher Helvetiq made a print-and-play adaptation of their light co-op Bandido. Work together, adopt the right behaviour and you can get rid of the virus in Bandido Covid 19.

The Pandemic hits Moscow

Or maybe you own a copy of that very famous co-op. Wargaming magazine C3i has a free scenario for Pandemic available in the Special Covid-19 eBook edition.

They also offer a complete digital edition of issue 25 for free, which includes the PnP of Frank Chadwick's Battle for Moscow. It's a 2 player wargame, but playable solo double-handed.

Previously on Kickstarter

Kolossal Games made a PnP for the animal spirit showdown Totemic available (you can find the rules on BGG). 11231 Games did the same for their "Silicon Valley meets Lovecraft" Techlandia (the full deluxe files, no less!).

So you see. These may be troubled times, but everybody is looking out for you. And so should you. Hold on.


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3 commentaires

Cadet Stimpy
Cadet Stimpy
30 janv. 2021

If I woulda known ahead of time, I woulda been there. :^)

Misanthropists? Another word I had to look-up. :^) But aside from the plentiful gaming knowledge I'm acquiring here at ST, my fancy word vocabulary is definitely expanding (if I could only remember the aforementioned fancy words).


04 mai 2020



04 mai 2020

"Antisocial misanthropists unite!" Wait... where is everyone?

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