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Home Alone 3 (we're all in it together)

A lot of us have to stay home right now, but these weird and uncomfortable times bring out the best in people.

Some publishers support brick-and-mortar stores with profits they make on their webstore, some give a discount on your orders. And some designers and publishers help you get through the days by providing games for free.

We may be home alone, but

Listen kid, we're all in it together



1 Player Guild-member darkyeoman has started a thread on BoardGameGeek where some more games are mentioned:


Grey Gnome Games

This week you can download the fun games by Jason Glover for free on PNP Arcade:



Stonemaier Games

Jamey Stegmaier designed a free roll-and-write game called Nine Worlds for fans of his board games.



CMON released XenoShyft: Print & Play as a free download. The full Dreadmire rule book is included in the 56-pages download.


Garphill Games

Shem Phillips released a free print-and-play mini expansion for Explorers of the North Sea called The Crew.


Cephalofair Games

Isaac Childres started his fourth community-driven campaign for Gloomhaven: The Blacksmith and the Bear.

He also provided print and play files for all starting characters in Frosthaven and Jaws of the Lion, so you can play the campaign with these if you'd like.


R2i Games

Road To Infamy Games released files for Canvas and Crypt:


Micro RPG

Noah Patterson has made all of his games on DriveThruRPG free to download. Perhaps you'd like to try one of the many 1-page games.


Portal Games

Portal Games offers free content for their games on a special webpage: Stay at home and play for free. The first offerings are:

More to follow in the coming days.


Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson Games released a pdf with solo rules for Gelatinous.


Board & Dice

Board & Dice offers to provide you with the PnP files for one of their games every month until September, for 5 euro (for the whole package):

  • April: Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker

  • May: Mistfall

  • June: Pocket Mars + the Valskyrr campaign expansion for Mistfall

  • July: Shadowscape

  • August: Multiuniversum + the Deeper Dungeon expansion for Shadowscape

  • September: Mistfall: Chronicles of Frost

Further details in their store page.


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2 Kommentare

01. Apr. 2020

Yes, I loved that movie when it came out.

Gefällt mir

Liam O'Caoimh
Liam O'Caoimh
01. Apr. 2020

Still from Brazil!! Love it.

Gefällt mir
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