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DVG - Warfighter Battle Packs #2 is live (History repeats: new Warfighter packs)

Update: DVG - Warfighter Battle Packs #2 has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 21 days. Some new packs have been added since we wrote our announcement:

  • Battle of Castle Itter WWII (double deck): "the strangest battle of WWII"

  • Enigma Machine WWII: try to the Enigma cipher machine from a damaged U-Boat

  • Battle of Tarawa WWII: defend the atoll as the Japanese

The double decks for Black Hawk Down and Castle Itter each count as two packs in your pledge level (or cost $12 extra in the pledge manager).

As always, you'll be able to add any of DVG's in-stock items in the pledge manager.

Our preview post below was published on January 16.


Now that fulfilment of the first series of Battle Packs for the Warfighter games is getting near, Dan Verssen Games will launch Warfighter Battle Packs #2 on 21 January. It's a mix of historical battle packs and nation packs for both the modern era and WWII. Main attraction is the double pack Black Hawk Down.

Images source: DVG Facebook post

You can pledge for one, three or five packs. Though the one-pack-pledge does not include any stretch goals. Shipping can be anything between $5 and $65 depending on where you live and how much you order.

For Warfighter Modern the choices are:

  • Black Hawk Down (Battle of Mogadishu, you may well know the book or film)

  • France Nation Pack

  • Italy Nation Pack

  • South Korea Nation Pack

  • Medal Pack

And for Warfighter WWII:

  • Battle of Raate Road (Soviet troops in Finland in the freezing cold)

  • Battle of Narvik (the land battle against German forces)

More may be announced as stretch goals.

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