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High Rise: The UltraPlastic edition is live

High Rise is a 1-4 player city building game in which you are trying to construct the highest buildings while keeping your Corruption under control. A reprint has just launched on Kickstarter, along with a bling pack that contains plastic buildings. The campaign will run for 23 days. You may back either just the fix kit (fixes errata of the original edition) and extra tenants, or go for the plastic pack, or order High Rise with or without the buildings.

Image source: Kickstarter campaign page

In High Rise, you are trying to build the tallest buildings in order to score the most points. In the solo game, you will be competing against two bots (neutral moguls). On each round, you will move your mogul along the track on the board and take the action mentioned on the spot you land. As you progress on the track, you will pick up construction materials. With every action you take, you gain Corruption. If you take too much Corruption, you will have to suffer penalties at the end of the round and at the end of the game. When a new building is erected, you activate the power card of the associated tenant. Your aim is to score at least 70 points to win.

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