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Conan the Conqueror is live (He has returned to conquer)

Update: Conan the Conqueror is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 13 days. This expansion contains revised solo/co-op rules and seven solo/co-op scenarios.

For just 26 euro more, you can also add the Conan retail base game to your pledge (only available to EU backers) or pay a bit more and get the Conan Kickstarter edition (available to both EU and North America). Tales of the Brotherhood is an optional add-on expansion.

Image source: Monolith Facebook page

Our preview post below was published on February 14.


Following the failed Kickstarter campaign for Conan/Beyond the Monolith last month, and having listened to feedback from fans, Monolith is launching a new campaign for Conan The Conqueror on February 17.

Conan The Conqueror is a mega-expansion that includes:

- a new scenario book with content for both solo/co-op and Adventure mode.

- 55 new minis.

- a new double-sided board

- (limited) stock from the 2015 Conan campaign

Image source: Monolith Facebook page

Monolith has also run a poll on their Facebook page, asking whether people want stretch goals that will offer re-printed Mythic Battles minis (the Winged Ape, Python, and Typhon monsters) or not. (I presume you can still vote).

The Kickstarter draft should be up before the launch on Monday.

Image source: Monolith Facebook page

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