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Harmony of the spirits

Sagani is a 1-4 player tile laying game in which you are trying to connect your tiles so that the elemental spirits are in balance with each other. This is a game by Uwe Rosenberg which you can preorder from Eagle-Gryphon Games' Essen Spiel Sale (available for EU, Canada, and the US).

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Each tile in the game is an elemental spirit representing Air, Fire, Water and Earth. On each turn, you will draw a tile from the central pile and place it in front of you. Upon placement, the spirits are not visible: they are on the back side of the tiles and only appear when you manage to score a tile. Each tile shows one or more arrows of different colours. When you place it in your tableau, you have to check if the colour of each arrow matches the colour of the tile it is pointing to. The corresponding coloured tile doesn't have to be adjacent, it can be further away, as long as it matches the direction (for example, if you place a tile with a white arrow pointing upwards, you have to ideally place a white tile in that direction).

Image source: BGG

As soon as you place a new tile, you take a number of 'sound disks' equal to the number of arrows shown on the tile. When an arrow corresponds to another tile, you cover that arrow with a disk. If all arrows on a tile are covered, you flip the tile to show the spirit underneath and score it. If you run out of sound disks, you have to take as many 'cacophony disks' as the sound disks remaining on your tiles. Cacophony disks subtract points from your score.

There are two ways you can play Sagani solo: you may play until you have earned 75 points and try to achieve this with 25 tiles or less. Alternatively, you may play until you have placed all the tiles in the game, and then subtract the number of disks remaining on tiles from your total points.

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