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Goth damn

Stilicho: Last of the Romans is a new game by Robert DeLeskie, the follow-up to his Wars of Marcus Aurelius: Rome 170-180CE.

Stilicho box and components
Image source: Hollandspiele website

It's the end of the 4th Century and you are Stilicho, the last of the great Roman generals. Enemies advance along their tracks, activated by card draws. When the Vandals reach the end of their track, there will be unrest in some provinces. Unrest may lead to revolt and your loss. When the Goths reach Rome, they'll activate chancellor Olympius who will scheme against you. You will have to try to stop him by convincing the Emperor, or you'll get arrested and executed - another way to lose. Your third opponent is Constantine III, who is marching south and is after your job. So, enough to keep you busy.

Stilicho map
Image source: Hollandspiele website

The enemies have higher combat factors than in Marcus Aurelius, and will get stronger during the game. You don't have many resources. Every card in the enemy deck now has specific surge effects, to make the game even more challenging. Historically, Stilicho was executed in what is the third turn in the game. You'll need to last ten turns. Good luck.

Here's one of the first playthrough videos to give you an idea of gameplay.

Stilicho: Last of the Romans can be ordered in the Hollandspiele webshop, or, if you're in Europe, through their agent Second Chance Games.

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