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GMT Games announces solo-focused in-house studio

In their latest newsletter, GMT announced the creation of an in-house development team -GMT One-who will work on solo modes for the company's multiplayer games. The team will include the designers of the solitaire systems in Tank Duel and Gandhi, and it will partner with John Butterfield, Mark Herman, Volko Ruhnke, Harold Buchanan, and Mike Bertucelli.

GMT One will work on two upcoming games: Prime Minister and In The Shadows. In Prime Minister (1-4 players), you play as a politician during the reign of Queen Victoria. Over the course of the game you will try to climb the echelons of power in order to become prime minister.

Prototype board of Prime Minister. Image source: BGG

In the solo mode of In The Shadows (1-2 players), you take on the role of a leader of the Resistance movement in WWII France and play against the Occupation AI. Both these games are currently in the P500 pre-order program of the company.

Prototype board of In The Shadows

GMT is also turning the CDG solo system by Stuka Joe and Ken Kuhn into an official release. This is a system developed to improve two-handed wargame play and includes rules, a custom die, and playsheets for 6 card-driven GMT games: Paths of Glory, Washington's War, Illusions of Glory, For The People, Ceasar: Rome vs. Gaul, and Commands & Colors: Ancients. The CDG system can be ordered via P500 as well.


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