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Ghost Stories re-themed

I have never beaten Ghost Stories. Came close to killing an incarnation of Wu-Feng a few times but he always consumed my heroes in the end. Now, the game itself is reincarnated in a new product called Last Bastion.

In Ghost Stories, four heroes are moving on a three-by-three grid of location tiles, trying to fend off the ghosts that relentlessly hit a Chinese village. In Last Bastion, the setting is generic epic fantasy. You can choose among a wider range of heroes (dwarf, paladin, bard etc.), and try to defend a bastion from the attacks of demons and warlords. Thankfully, Pierô is the illustrator here too.

Is Last Bastion as crazy difficult as Ghost Stories? According to Antoine Bauza, the designer, 'the overall difficulty is quite the same, just a tiny bit easier'.

Last Bastion will be available at Essen Spiel this October, and pre-orders will start at the end of September. You can check out the game in the video below, the production quality seems quite high.

Image source: BGG

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