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Fresh out of the portal: Portal Games releases for 2021

Ignacy Trzewiczek, live from PortalCon, just announced the games Portal Games is planning to release this year. We will only mention those which might be of interest to solo gamers - it is not yet clear if all the games mentioned below are soloable but it seems very likely.

1. Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North is getting a new expansion called Egyptian Kings. It will come with new types of cards: Events, legacy locations, and lighthouses. Another solo-only expansion for the game, called Wrath of the Lighthouse, introduces a story-driven solo campaign and it will be released during the EssenSpiel.

2. Eleven is basically Football Manager: The Board Game. An economic strategy game in which you hire coaches and staff members, manage the finances of your club, decide the team tactics and play against other teams. The game will come with 6 scenarios and will launch on Kickstarter sometime this year. Ignacy didn't mention number of players, but it seems to be well-suited for solo play.

3. Dune: House Secrets is a narrative adventure game inspired by the famous sci-fi saga. It will consist of 3 chapters plus the tutorial, and it will be legacy-style: you will use stickers to add skills to the characters. It will be released this Fall.

4. Petty Officers is a new expansion for Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game.

5. Robinson Crusoe: The Book of Adventures will launch on Kickstarter sometime this year as well. This was announced last year and will contain new and fan-created scenarios for the game.

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