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Freedom Five: A Sentinel Comics Board Game is live

Freedom Five: A Sentinel Comics Board Game is a 1-5 player cooperative adventure game in which a team of superheroes is trying to protect their city from the evil Baron Blade and his minions. It launched on Kickstarter yesterday, October 20, and the campaign will run for 23 days. You may pledge either for the retail or the Kickstarter edition of the game, or pay quite a bit more to have the minis pre-painted and receive extra dice and card sleeves.

Image source: BGG

Freedom Five is scenario-based, and scenarios can either be played as standalone adventures or be linked in a campaign. You will set up the board according to the scenario instructions, and, before you get to face the final boss, you will first have to deal with his henchmen. On each turn, characters will take actions either as plain citizens (Private Life phase) or in their heroic form (Hero phase). You can switch from one form to another at will. To take an action, characters must exhaust one of their action tokens. Actions are listed on the player boards, and allow the characters to Move, Attack, Use their Abilities, Heal etc.

Image source: Arcane Wonders Facebook page

Attacks against enemies are resolved via dice rolls. Each character has four colour-coded skills (Mind-Green, Body-Red, Spirit-Blue, Tech-Yellow) that they get to test depending on the colour of the Henchmen. You will roll as many dice as the number of the enemies and compare the skill value with the result. For example, a hero with a Mind value of 4 fighting green Henchmen will have to roll equal to or above 4 to beat them.

In the Villains phase, each hero takes one damage by any Henchmen in their location. Scenarios also designate how specific villains act on their turn, usually by following the instructions of Scheme cards.

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