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Four days left for the Button Shy Wallet Games reprint 2021

Some games are so small, they slip through the cracks of our webpages. We forgot to announce the Button Shy Wallet Games 2021 reprint Campaign. But don't worry, there are still four days left.

All games in this reprint campaign are also available for just $1 on PnP Arcade this week.

Unfortunately most games are strictly multiplayer. But Bojan Prakljacic's Ragemore is an 18-card solo hand management game in which you go on quests, fighting demons.

These games need a solo expansion (available in the Kickstarter campaign for a little extra):

You can also add two of Button Shy's greatest hits, Sprawlopolis and Tussie Mussie (needs solo expansion), as add-ons.

If you live outside of the US, beware: VAT and customs may be charged in your country. It is not pre-paid in the shipping costs.

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